Dustin Lynch Songs Streamed 1.5 Billion Times

By: Cheryl Johnstone


Country Music News

Dustin Lynch has a new single called “Ridin’ Roads and is gearing up for a new tour next year.

All this, while preparing to release his 4th album in January.

In the meantime, his songs are making a big impression online, having collectively streamed over 1.5 billion.

Dustin talked about what it’s like to have that many people listening to his music.

It’s hard to Phaethon that. You know that my songs have been a part of that many soundtracks of life is just amazing. I do know, it doesn’t get old. Driving around hearing my song on someone else’s speakers, in a store, bar, or wherever it is… Or another band is covering one of my songs. It’s just as fun and I crank it up as loud as I have from day one.

Dustin’s new album, Tullahoma, will be out on January 17th. His 2020 tour kicks off in Detroit on January 30.

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