Zach Bryan (Photo by Trevor Pavlik)

Zach Bryan Defends Randy Travis’s New A.I. Song

By: Cheryl Johnstone


Country Music News

Randy Travis’s new song “Where That Came From” debuted at #45 on the Country Airplay chart, making it his first charting single in almost 20 years. His last one was “Angels” in 2005.

Not everyone’s a fan though, and some think it could open the floodgates for A.I. in music.

Randy hasn’t been able to sing or talk much since his stroke in 2013, so they used A.I. for the vocals.

It sounds like Zach Bryan thinks it’s kinda cool though.

He stuck up for it the other day while also taking a shot at critics. Specifically, artists who don’t write their own stuff.

 “Some people are so shocked and offended by the Randy Travis A.I. song when most artists haven’t written their own song a day in their life. “My main concern is when we’re going to start doing cool things with it. Like have Johnny Cash on a Beastie Boys song or feature Bob Dylan with Beyoncé.”

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