Jackson Dean (Photo by David McClister)

Jackson Dean On The Importance Of Putting Out A Full Album

By: Cheryl Johnstone


Country Music News

About a month after Jackson Dean released his debut single, “Don’t Come Lookin’,” he released his full-length album, Greenbroke.

Jackson said that was critical as he started touring and introducing himself to country music fans everywhere.

“It was a really big part of signing a record deal. I was like, I do not want to just throw out single after single after single. I wanna make records. I need things to play on the road because I don’t wanna go out and play covers. I know a lot of people go out and play covers, and it was just somethin’ I didn’t want to do. I wanted to play my songs and I’m really fortunate to have a label that understands that and is very supportive of that and gets it. But to go all across this country and see people singing the words back to like, ‘Trailer Park’ and ‘Fearless’ and ‘Superstitions’ and ‘Don’t Take Much’ and ‘Greenbroke’ even. I’ve seen people singing the words to ‘Greenbroke.’ It’s just like, they’re listening to it, which is awesome to see someone that appreciates the art and the vision that I created.”

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