Zac Brown Band (Photo by Danny Clinch)

Zac Brown Is Challenging Jason Aldean To A Slap Fight

By: Cheryl Johnstone


Country Music News

Zac Brown is challenging Jason Aldean to a slap fight.

He has NO beef with Jason, though.

Zac’s a huge MMA fan and he was asked if he would ever consider getting in the ring.

“I want to do slap fights. You just stand there and slap each other. I want to challenge Jason Aldean to a slap fight, and we’ll do it all for charity.”

But don’t worry, Zac does not have a beef with Jason.

 “He’s just a Southern boy, I think he might be game to do it. I’ve been to his house before, I hung out there one time a long time ago, [but] I was watching these slap fights and I thought it would be pretty fun for people to watch us both get slapped.”

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