Lindsay Ell Broke Her Foot Chasing Her Dog

By: Cheryl Johnstone


Country Music News

Lindsay Ell was sporting a shiny silver boot to match her dress at the CMT Music Awards, but it wasn’t the fashion look she was originally going for.

Just a couple of days before the awards, Lindsay took a spill while chasing her runaway dog and ended up with a broken foot.

Apparently her Pomeranian pup Hendrix tried to make a fast break.

Lindsay told Entertainment Tonight,

“She got out of the bus — we left the bus door open and she just went plummeting out of it. Naturally, like any dog owner, (I ran) after her, but I was in socks … I jumped from the top step of the bus onto the parking lot, and I just landed wrong.”

A trip to the doctor on Saturday, June 5th confirmed that her foot was indeed broken.

Lindsay performed at the CMT Awards with Lady A to open the show.

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