Riley Green Practicing To Be A Domesticated Husband

By: Cheryl Johnstone


Country Music News

Riley Green has been finding ways to stay busy while he’s been off the road, including doing a lot of hunting and spending time at his house down in Alabama.

“I guess something else I’ve been doing is cooking a lot. I’ve always enjoyed cooking. That was sort of one of those things, where, when I built my house, that was the main thing I was looking forward to, was having my own house, my own kitchen.”

Riley even started stocking his kitchen with different gadgets.

“I was going and buying these little wok little things, because I thought it was gonna be the coolest thing ever, and I didn’t get to use it.”

Before he could work on his cooking skills, Riley’s debut single, “There Was This Girl,” took off, so he was on the road all the time.

“We eat pizza on the bus and hotels and on the road. And being home for a while, I’ve started like lookin’ up recipes. Maybe one day I can be domesticated and be the cooking husband or something.”

We’re sure there are plenty of women who be happy to domesticate Riley and have him cook for them.

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