Old Dominion’s Latest Song Had Universal Appeal

By: Cheryl Johnstone


Country Music News

Old Dominion’s latest song “One Man Band,” holds both a message for the band in their relationship with one another, but as lead singer Matthew Ramsey explains, it can equally be applied to love.

“You can push through all you want and act like you don’t need anyone else until someone comes along and shows you how much you really needed it and you didn’t even know it so I think that’s why this song is working so well because people respond to that, like, ‘I didn’t know I needed someone so badly but I do.'”

Old Dominion kicks off their We Are Old Dominion Tour in Hawaii on January 3rd. They join Luke Bryan at his Crash My Playa sold-out event on Jan. 22nd and 23rd in Cancun, Mexico.

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