Thomas Rhett Hit Almost Sounded Different

By: Cheryl Johnstone


Country Music News

Thomas Rhett’s current single, “Remember You Young,” is poised to become his next Number One hit.

It sits in the Top Three on the charts, but it’s a song that almost didn’t happen.

Thomas and his co-writers Ashley Gorley and Jesse Frasure originally took the song in a completely different direction.

“The first way we wrote it was strictly about the person that you’re with. And we wrote an entire song about, you know, I’ll always remember you, even when you’re in a black cocktail dress, I remember you in your pink prom dress. It’s like you always envision who you’re with when you met that person because those images are just ingrained in your head, and you’re always young together even if you’re old, at least you hope you are. And we wrote the song and it just didn’t come out the way that I wanted it to. I think all of us were kind of like, ‘I think we just missed where we should’ve gone with the song.’”

They got together again and re-worked the song, ending up with the hit you hear on the radio and Thomas’ Center Point Road album.

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