Sofia Vergara’s Ex Wants To Bring Their Embryos To Term, Raise Them As His Own

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SOFIA VERGARA’s ex-fiancé NICK LOEB really, REALLY wants control of the two embryos they created when they were together, and he wrote an op-ed piece for the “New York Times” pleading his case.



Loeb says he will assume all responsibility for the kids . . . who are both girls.  He’ll find a surrogate, he’ll raise them, and he’ll pay the expenses.  Sofia doesn’t even have to be a parent.  He’s willing to have her legally declared an egg donor.



He says, quote, “A woman is entitled to bring a pregnancy to term even if the man objects.  Shouldn’t a man who is willing to take on all parental responsibilities be similarly entitled to bring his embryos to term even if the woman objects?



“These are issues that, unlike abortion, have nothing to do with the rights over one’s own body, and everything to do with a parent’s right to protect the life of his or her unborn child.”



We’ve heard that Sofia doesn’t want to destroy the embryos because it might anger the right-to-life crowd.  But she definitely doesn’t want those kids, either, so she’s willing to just let them stay frozen.



But Nick says, quote, “In my view, keeping them frozen forever is tantamount to killing them.”



Nick and Sofia have a written agreement that these babies can only be brought to term if both parties agree.  And he says their breakup was actually over whether or not to have the kids.  Sofia is engaged to JOE MANGANIELLO now.


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