Will we see Eminem on ‘Empire’?

Published On April 8, 2015 | By Kendal Malewicz | Uncategorized

Brian Grazer, the producer of “Empire”, was on “Good Morning America” yesterday, and he talked about who he’d like to have on in season two.

He said he’d beg Eminem and Oprah Winfrey to be on the show.  He said he knows Eminem because he produced “8 Mile”.


Brian Grazer is also executive produce of ‘Arrested Development’, and a lot of people wondered if the fourth season of “Arrested Development” would be the last one . . . that’s the one they released on Netflix, five years after the show got cancelled.  All 15 episodes were available at the same time.

“We’re going to do another 17 episodes, so stay tuned.”  That’s all we know . . . but last year Netflix said they were “positive” a fifth season would happen, it was just a matter of when.


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