Katie Couric Pranks James Corden

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  1. KATIE COURIC may have perpetrated the greatest April Fools’ prank of the year on “The Late Late Show” . . . by falling down a flight of stairs while making her entrance.

It was actually a stuntwoman who took the fall, and everyone was in on the joke except host JAMES CORDEN, who FREAKED.


  1. Some website posted a fake announcement about KIM KARDASHIANhosting the first annual SELFIE AWARDS.  That one could have actually fooled me.


  1. BOB BARKERreturned” as host of “The Price is Right”.


  1. TOM BRADYposted a picture of himself in a body cast, and said MICHAEL JORDAN did it.


  1. STEPHEN KINGannounced he was writing the Season 6 premiere of “The Walking Dead” and killing off three major characters, including Darryl.


  1. KELLY RIPAannounced she’s pregnant.  (Lame.)


  1. LADY GAGATweeted that she was quitting pop music.  She took it back.


  1. SAM SMITHpretended to be straight.  And was met with hostility from his fans.


  1. TOM FELTONposted that he and DANIEL RADCLIFFE are a homoerotic couple,


  1. KATHY LEE GIFFORDand HODA KOTB said they were doing their show nude.



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