Dennis Quaid’s Freakout Video was just part of a Funny or Die Sketch

Published On April 16, 2015 | By Kendal Malewicz | Uncategorized

That epic DENNIS QUAID on-set meltdown video might have been a prank after all.

Yesterday, posted the supposed “full” version of what happened.



In this version of the video, everything Dennis says has another meaning.  For instance, the guy he called “Dopey the [D-word]” was actually a guy in a full-body penis costume.  And a certain sexual innuendo actually meant that he wanted his hair stylist give him a BLOW-DRY.


But if you still think the original video was real, here’s why you might be right:  The Funny Or Die video does NOT use that original clip.  It just re-creates it.


If this WAS a prank from the get-go, you’d think they would have done it like JIMMY KIMMEL did with that video of the girl who caught fire while twerking.


In that case there was only ONE video, but they only showed PART of it initially.  It wasn’t until they showed the full video that it was revealed as a joke.


In this case, you can argue that Dennis really did get caught blowing a gasket, but then ran to Funny Or Die to make a parody video in order to soften his image.


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