Bruce Jenner Is ‘Relieved’ and ‘Happy’ About ‘Moving Forward with His Transition’

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It’s official:  BRUCE JENNER is a woman.  That’s what he told DIANE SAWYER in the “20/20” interview that aired on Friday night.  He said, quote, “For all intents and purposes, I am a woman.”

Bruce has always known, by the way . . . he was 8 or 9 the first time he tried on a dress.  And all three of his wives have known he was into cross-dressing.


He started transitioning in the ’80s, by getting a nose job, taking hormones, and having his facial hair permanently removed.  And he was a 34B when he met KRIS JENNER.


Kicking the transition into a higher gear is what finally led to the breakup with Kris . . . quote, “It was tough on her.  Kris is a good woman I got no complaints with her.


“Honestly, if she would’ve been really good with it and understanding, we’d probably still be together.”


By the way, this as Bruce’s last interview AS Bruce.  The next time he speaks out publicly, it will be as a woman.



A few more notes from the interview:



  1. All 10 of his kids and stepkids have been understanding, but KIM KARDASHIANwas probably the best.  KHLOE had the hardest time with it.



  1. Bruce is still a Republican and a Christian.



  1. He’s looking forward to simple womanly inconveniences . . . quote, “[It’ll be nice to] be able to have my nail polish on long enough that it actually chips off.”



  1. He plans to use his story to spread awareness and acceptance . . . quote, “I had this feeling, kind of a revelation, that maybe this is my cause in life.  This is why God put me on this earth . . . to deal with this issue.”



So more Bruce Jenner Randoms :



  1. KIM KARDASHIANtaped an interview for this morning’s “Today” show where she said the whole family is behind Bruce . . . although she admitted, quote, “there is still an adjustment.”  On Saturday, she was spotted bringing lunch to his house.


  1. The Bruce Jenner reality serieswill premiere on July 26th on E!  There will be eight, one-hour episodes.  There’s no word yet on the title.



  1. Bruce’s interview brokeTwitter.  It inspired 972,000 Tweets from 403,000 unique users . . . making it the most social non-sports Friday telecast of all time.


  1. The ratings were also huge.  The interview attracted 16.9 million viewers.



  1. Kim’s ex-husband KRIS HUMPHRIESgot himself into trouble after the interview aired by Tweeting, quote, “Man, I’m glad I got out when I did.”  The next morning heapologized and said he fully supports Bruce.


  1. Bruce received messages of support from his family and a TON of other celebrities.  ELTON JOHNissued a statement calling Bruce “incredibly brave.”  And DEMI LOVATO dedicated the song “Warrior” to him during a show this weekend.


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