Justin Bieber skewered by comics, celebrities at Comedy Central roast

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It’s Justin Bieber’s world and we’re just living in it! Between the egging incident of 2014 and that one awkward time Justin ABANDONING a monkey (memories!), there’s a lot about this world-famous pop star to make fun of. Nothing was off limits during Comedy Central’s Roast of Justin Bieber.


Roast veteran Jeff Ross laid into Justin and didn’t stop.  Will Ferrell was in character as Ron Burgundy giving Justin Bieber more back-handed compliments.

Martha Stewart gave Justin Bieber tips on how to survive in prison.

Justin Bieber finished the night in a heartfelt way . . . he owned up to his crazy behavior over the last few years, and said he’s going to try to be a better person.


At the end of the night, Justin Bieber roasted everybody who tore into him.

If Bieber wanted to come off as a good sport and truly wanted to seem as like he was a changed man, he should’ve done the one thing he has truly never done before. He should’ve let a night pass without it being all about him.

He should’ve just let the night be what it should’ve been: a showcase for these comedy stars.


Besides that, critics aren’t skewering the broadcast all that much.



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