10 Ridiculous Reactions from Girls Who Are Upset That One Direction Is Losing Zayne

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ONE DIRECTION super fans are totally losing their minds over ZAYN MALIK leaving the group.  Here are 10 of the best reactions we’ve seen:


1.  “Never has there been anything so hard to wake up to.  Love you Zayn.”  (Vine)


2.  “When you cry more when Zayn leaves One Direction than when someone in your family died.  #Relatable.”  (Twitter)


3.  “This cannot happen.”  That’s a caption from this Vine of a girl SOBBING.  There’s also this Twitter montage of another girl crying.  Another girl silently shed a single tear in a Vine, with the caption, quote, “I’m not okay.”  And here’s a Vine with a louder sobbing girl.


4.  One fan posted a newspaper clipping where the band says “We’ll be together as long as fans want us,” and captioned it, quote, “[B-word], you [effing] lied.”


5.  “Please tell me is [an effing] bad joke!!!  Nothing is gonna be the same!!!  One Direction are all you 5, not 4, 3, 2, or 1.  #NoFair.  (Twitter)


6.  Someone posted a screenshot of One Direction’s updated Wikipedia page . . . with Zayn listed as a “previous member” . . . and captioned it, quote, “This is too real, and too painful now.”  Another person posted a photo of a votive candlelight vigil they were doing.


7.  “Zayn leaving the band is worst then the time I was in a ICU.”  (Tumblr)


8.  A Justin Bieber fanatic Tweeted this:  “Beliebers will always be there for Directioners #AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMalik” with acheesy graphic of one hand holding another up, as if the other person is falling off a building or something.


9.  “The day Zayn changes his name from “ZaynMalik1D” and the group account takes ‘Zayn Malik’ down from their bio will be the day I never smile again.”  (Twitter)


10.  “I WISH THAT I COULD WAKE UP WITH AMNESIA #AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMalik.”  (Twitter)


Meanwhile, Denny’s tried to capitalize on Zayn trending with this Tweet:  “We are here for you, Directioners, in your time of mourning; prepared to make you all the comfort food you need after this inzayn news.”


And a non-fan joked, quote, “Zayn Malik to be replaced by Mayim Bialik.”


Oh, and a lot of people are blaming Zayn’s fiancée Perrie Edwards, and treating her like she’s Yoko Ono.  And E! News is trying to push some girls over the edge by suggesting that Harry Styles is also on his way out.


By the way, Harry cried at his first show without Zayn.


And finally, here’s a Vine from Josh Peck, where John Stamos is jokingly auditioning to take Zayn’s place.


Read more HERE about what SCARY lengths these fans are going to…sad.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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