What Celeb Was Offered Seven Figures For a Photo Of Her Daughter?

Published On October 26, 2018 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

Cardi B has revealed that she was offered seven figures for a photo of her daughter, Kulture, during a recent interview on Beats 1 Radio.

Cardi said that she even hired a private investigator to get to the bottom of who was sending her threatening texts about her child. She explained, “I can show you screenshots of comments. Who are these people threatening my child? It’s just really disgusting, disturbing things. We just don’t want to show our baby right now. I got offered seven figures [to show Kulture], but I’m just not ready yet. I get so many disgusting text messages, I had to hire a private investigator to figure out who sends me this sh*t.”

She added, “I’m not even ready yet to have a d*mn babysitter.”

The Bronx rapper also spoke on her single, “Money,” leaking. She said, “This happens all the time, you know? When you give it to streaming services, it might go to a freakin’ different country […] and somebody from there leaked it. And, you know, people don’t like you, so they’re gonna keep spreading it […] It was literally the people who hate me who posted it. My fans were like, ‘Please, don’t post it.’ Everything that I do, they be on it before my fans . . . Seems like you love me, so it’s like, f**k it. I can’t retract it; I might as well put it out.”


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