Heather Locklear’s Troubling Behavior Before Being Rushed to Hospital for Psych Evaluation

Published On June 20, 2018 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

New details are starting to surface about Heather Locklear’s alleged behavior in the days before she was hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation.

Sources say that  Locklear attacked her fiancé Chris Heisser last week saying “She was violent toward Chris… She hit him again, punched him.” Heisser’s face was reportedly injured in the incident, but police were not called.

That evening, the couple got into a heated argument in a parking lot in Thousand Oaks. Cops were called, but no one was arrested.  The trouble continued on Sunday, when Heather  allegedly had an altercation with her parents.

An insider said that Heather attacked her mom and dad on Sunday, claiming they “tried to help her, but she in turn choked her mom and hit her dad.” Her mom later called the police. According to the dispatch call, Heather was “trying to hurt herself and looking for a gun to shoot herself.”

The dispatcher pointed out that Heather was “agitated” and “violent,” but “does not have access to any weapons.”

The 56-year-old was then taken to the hospital.




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