Nsync Receives Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame & Drew HUGE Crowd

Published On May 1, 2018 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

Nsync got a WELL DESERVED  star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday!

But it looked a lot like New York Times Square outside ‘TRL’ circa the year 2000!  There were hundreds of screaming fans trying to catch a glimpse of the boy band.

The last time they were all together was a few of years ago at JC’s 40th birthday bash. And looky here, Justin Timberlake is in L.A. for his current tour. How convenient!

Their fans are still hardcore even thou they haven’t put out new music since 2001 .  It was a packed house which is NOT common for these events.

No performance (what a jip), but Ellen DeGeneres and former ‘TRL’ host Carson Daly got the crowd riled with introductions.




Photo: You Tube

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