Did Khloe Kardashian’s Baby Daddy Get Caught Cheating?

Published On April 11, 2018 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News


Tristan Thompsan of the Cleveland Cavaliers was cuaght making out with a woman at a New York club, and then taking her back to his hotel.  NBD.  Except his girlfriend Khloe Kardashian is back home in Cleveland, waiting to give birth to their daughter!!!!  WTF?!

You may remember us reporting that when Tristan and Khloe started dating back in 2016, he left behind a pregnant girlfriend.  Their son is 15 months old now.  ANNNNND Thompson was flat out cheating on Khloe with not one but two women back in October, when Khloe was 3 months pregnant. Surveillance video is just being released now.

He was in New York to face the Knicks just this past weekend but he was totally in someone elses face with a brunette at a club and someone filmed them making out.


There is also a video of them walking into Tristan’s hotel early Sunday morning.  She was spotted outside the hotel on Monday, with a Louis Vuitton overnight bag.  Her name is Lani Blair, and she’s a 28-year-old Instagram model  although she recently made her Instagram private. Wonder why?


We hope this isn’t true but the videos tell the story.  Tristan’s people have made a statement saying that he and the woman were doing “nothing more” than simply talking.

“The video going around shows Tristan in a loud club briefly talking to a girl, nothing more,” the source said. “Tristan was there for roughly an hour and left with his teammates. Khloe and Tristan are happy and focusing on the birth of their daughter.”




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