Lindsay Lohan is allegedly dating a man who calls himself the Korean Hulk

Published On December 6, 2017 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

Lindsay Lohan’s weird life is even weirder than you thought.  Because now she’s hanging out with an Asian billionaire bodybuilding arm wrestler who calls himself the Korean Hulk.

His real name is Je-Yong Ha, and he might not actually be a billionaire.  There’s talk that he’s trying to become Internet-famous by appearing richer than he is.

But he does seem to have money, because he’s got a bunch of pictures and videos on Instagram of himself and Lindsay traveling and partying.

He currently lives in Russia, which is where they might have met.  A source says there’s NOTHING romantic happening here . . . they’re just friends.  But they do seem to be having a good time.

Lindsay uses her goofy accent in the Instagram post.

Is anyone bothered by the fact that Lindsay appears to have given up life in America?  I didn’t think so.



Photo: You tube

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