Taylor Swift purges all her social media

Published On August 21, 2017 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

Taylor Swift’s social media accounts went dark Friday, sparking speculation that she will be announcing a new album soon.

 Her profile photo is missing from her Twitter page, Facebook and Instagram – and all the photos have been deleted from her Instagram account. The 27-year-old singer’s website is all black.

A sleuthing Reddit user thinks there’s something more to it than that, and points to a series of clues indicating Swift may have hidden the title of her upcoming album in code.

By subtracting 1 from each letter (the letter u, for example, would be come t, the letter that comes before it in the alphabet), the seemingly random gibberish now spells out actual words: “thats what they dont see.”

The change in Swift’s online presence has many believing the singer is preparing to announce a new album. Swift’s last project, 1989, was released in October 2014. 

Meanwhile, there’s a rumor going around that KATY PERRY and TAYLOR SWIFT will finally end their feud at the “VMAs”.  There are a few little clues, like the fact that Taylor was briefly following Katy on Twitter this weekend.  

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