Solar Eclipse 2017: Bonnie Tyler sings on Cruise ship; Trump forgets his glasses

Published On August 22, 2017 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

Check out some clips of BONNIE TYLER singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart”on a cruise ship during the eclipse . . . backed by JOE JONAS and DNCE.  Not surprisingly, “Total Eclipse” hit #1 on iTunes yesterday.


Sarah Jessica Parker went out on a boat to watch the eclipse yesterday, and she basically had a religious experience out there.

The thrills of eclipse chasing ! First sighting. Chip out upper right! Don't look without glasses! Someone took a bite out of the cookie!

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and Trump hosted a solar eclipse viewing at the White House yesterday.  And when he and Melania came out . . . he looked up at the sun without glasses.  You can hear someone shout “Don’t look!”  In the video, Melania reminds him to put his glasses on, and you can see him say “I have ’em.”  He did eventually put his eclipse glasses on.  But not before some other fascinating commentary from the people filming.  Like, “He’s not gonna put the glasses on.”  “He will . . . he’s gotta.”  Naturally it became an internet meme.



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