Ashley Judd reveals sexual harassment by studio executive in the late 90’s

Published On October 7, 2015 | By Keri | Entertainment News

In an interview with Variety, actress Ashley Judd reveals that she was sexually harassed back in the 1990’s by a studio bigwig.

Judd says that while she was filming the movie, “Kiss the Girls,” she was sexually harassed by an executive from a rival studio.

The unidentified man called her to his hotel room under the pretense of discussing roles for her in some of his movies. Judd admits that this man is “one of our industry’s most famous, admired-slash-reviled bosses.”

Later the man reportedly asked her to watch him take a shower.

“In that moment, I told him something like, ‘When I win an Academy Award in one of your movies.’ He said, ‘No, when you get nominated.’ I said, ‘No, no, when I win an Academy Award,'” Judd recounts. “That was a small moment of power when I was able to contradict him and hold to my reality. And then I got out of there. And by the way, I’ve never been offered a movie by that studio. Ever.”

It took some time for Judd to realize that she blamed herself for the indicident.

“This is another part of the process,” she said. “We internalize the shame. It really belongs to the person who is the aggressor. And so later, when I was able to see what happened, I thought: Oh god, that’s wrong. That’s sexual harassment. That’s illegal.”


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