Did Peter Dinklage spit his gum into his wife’s mouth on Emmy night?

Published On September 23, 2015 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

PETER DINKLAGE may only be 4-feet, 5-inches tall . . . but every inch of that is PURE superstar.


Remember when he won an Emmy for “Game of Thrones” on Sunday?  During his speech he said, quote, “I wasn’t prepared at all.  I was even chewing gum.”


Well, where did the gum go?  I’ll tell you where:  INTO HIS WIFE’S MOUTH!  That’s certainly what it looks like in a video ABOVE (:10 seconds in).


The clip shows Peter kissing his wife after his name is announced.  As he’s pulling away, she puts her hands out, as if she’s asking him to spit his gum in them.  Instead, he goes in for what appears to be another kiss.


But instead, it looks like a classic prison contraband transfer.  Except Peter’s wife has an awful poker face.  Once the gum has been passed, she puts her hands up to her mouth and laughs.

In closing, Peter EFFING Dinklage does whatever the EFF Peter EFFING Dinklage wants.  That is all.


  • Would you let your significant other spit gum into your mouth?
  • Is it gross or kind of sweet?
  • Is eating someone’s chewed gum any worse than making out with them?


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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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