Chris Hyndman’s mom thinks her son died sleepwalking

Published On August 6, 2015 | By Keri | Entertainment News

The mother of Chris Hyndman says she believes he fell to his death while sleepwalking on the terrace of his penthouse apartment in Toronto.

During an obviously emotional phone interview from her home in Saskatchewan, Glenda Hyndman said Chris, her only child, died in an “unfortunate accident.”

Glenda said Chris was never a restful sleeper.

“Christopher was a sleepwalker, and he did that a lot. He even ate in his sleep,” Glenda Hyndman said of her TV personality son. Apparently he would even “forage” for food in his sleep she said.

“He was caught by Steven many times eating in his sleep, absolutely … I don’t know if he ever got a restful, solid sleep.”

“It’s not good, but that’s his reality.”

“He was the most incredible human being and best son you could ever have. I think his light was so bright it just … it just burned out.”

Hyndman’s body was found in an alleyway around 11 pm Monday night, just below the 6th ploor apartment he shared with his husband and co-host Steven Sabados.

According to Glenda, the couple went to bed Monday and Sabados was woken when police showed up at his door to tell him the horrible news.

“He’s really, really, really struggling,” she said of Sabados. “I’m going up there (to Toronto), and I’m going to stay as long as I need to help him, because I’m his only little piece of Christopher left.”

Toronto Police have not confirmed any cause of death, nor do they suspect anything suspicious or criminal.

“He shouldn’t have gone so soon, but he’s gone and we have to accept that and get past it,” Glenda said. “He was my only baby.”


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