Doctors agrees: James Bond should have been dead within first 7 minutes of Skyfall

Published On April 11, 2015 | By Keri | Entertainment News

James Bond survived 23 films but he really should be dead.

That’s what a panel of doctors have recently agreed upon.

A new report by a panel of medical professionals concludes the superspy would have met his end after just 7 minutes of “Skyfall”.

By that point he’s shot with a uranium shell normally used to destroy tanks. That alone would have – quote – “turned his lungs inside out and killed him”. Later in the film, he digs a bullet from his shoulder, which the medics say would run the risk of blood loss, lost consciousness, nerve & muscle damage, and serious infection.

(hey, it’s called ‘suspension of disbelief’ – lose that and you lose the audience)

Daniel Craig meanwhile seems to be running into a few real-life difficulties of his own. He underwent a ‘procedure’ during the Easter production break, apparently for a sprained knee.


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