FGL To Open Another Restaurant/Bar?

Published On July 5, 2018 | By Cheryl Johnstone | Country Music News

Florida Georgia Line’s, FGL House in Nashville, has been open for a year and it looks like it’s just the beginning of the bar and restaurant business for the duo. They’re now looking at opening a place farther south and hint at what sounds like a Vegas type wedding chapel. Here’s what Brian Kelley had to say.

“We’re working hard to get that deal closed. There’s a really cool vision, we’re trying to make it come to life and it’s hopefully gonna happen in Florida. It’d be everything that we’ve done up here but the Florida version and really just putting our touch on every corner, every wall and every window and making it ours. And maybe even next door to that you might be able to get married in the backyard. So we’ve got big plans, we’re trying to lock them down but we’ll see.”

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