Tim & Faith Stand by Songwriters in Lawsuit

Published On April 18, 2018 | By Cheryl Johnstone | Country Music News

According to TMZ, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were named in a lawsuit against pop artist Ed Sheeran. They recorded a song he co-wrote called, “The Rest of Our Life.” The lawsuit claims they stole the song, but Tim and Faith claim they lawfully licensed the song, meaning there would be no conflict with them performing it.

TMZ reports – that they back Ed Sheeran’s claim that he did not create a “note for note” copy of a song titled “When I Found You,’ which was previously a hit for Jasmine Rae in Australia. Tim and Faith also claim that even if Sheeran and his co-writers had stolen the song, it would have nothing to do with them, since they merely recorded a song that was pitched to them and were not involved in its creation.

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