Brantley Gilbert Opens Up About Sobriety

Published On February 5, 2018 | By Cheryl Johnstone | Country Music News

Brantley Gilbert has been clean and sober for five years, and one of the people who had such a positive impact on his sobriety was his wife, Amber. Brantley talks about a conversation the two had when they first dated years ago.

“One of the few times that I would stay sober is when I got to spend time with her. You know I’d say alright, if I was getting to see her that night I’d try to make it so it was early in the day, cause her mom wouldn’t let her be out with me late. So I’d go pick her up we’d ride around or do whatever and I’d drop her back off and before I got out of the driveway, I mean literally driving up her driveway I was in that bottle. And we had an argument one night and she said, ‘I want you know I love you but I’m terrified of being in love with somebody and talking about marrying somebody that rides around with two bottles of Jäger(meister) and a bunch of pills in the console of their truck.’ And I had this black bag that I toted everywhere with me, I mean into songwriting appointments, everywhere. I had two bottles of Jäger(meister), my ‘medication’ I called it, and it went everywhere with me and I had no idea she knew what was in that bag. And she did. And then I found out that what I thought was so secret wasn’t so secret.”

It was shortly after that conversation and the revelation that he wasn’t fooling anybody that Brantley decided to go to rehab to change his life. Since then he and Amber have gotten married and welcomed their son Barrett into the world.

Amber makes a brief appearance in Brantley’s new video for “The Ones That Like Me.” The footage is of the singer and his wife when she was very pregnant with their son.

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