Kenny Chesney Doesn’t Act Like He’s Famous

Published On August 6, 2015 | By Cheryl Johnstone | Country Music News

Kenny Chesney is one of the biggest superstars in country music, yet he says he’s really not that guy. He happily embraces that so-called “character” when he’s performing on stage, but once he steps off, Kenny tells us he’s just a normal guy, the same one he’s always been.

“There’s an old joke that says, ‘I haven’t changed, everybody’s just changed around me,’ (laughs) you know, but I really don’t feel that famous, and especially when I’m off stage. I get reminded of it a lot that I am (laughs). I think the thing that I’m most proud of is that when I go on stage I give everything that I’ve possibly got, but when I leave it, I try to leave that guy up there. I don’t try to bring that guy with me and apply it to other places, like I will not let somebody call a restaurant and say, ‘I have Kenny Chesney coming. Can we get a table? I know you’re full, I know you’re busy but can we get in?’ I hate that. It’s rude, and I just won’t let people do that for me.”

Kenny resumes his role as superstar tonight when he takes the stage in Salt Lake City, Utah. He plays another stadium show with Jason Aldean on Saturday at Sports Authority Field in Denver, Colorado.

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