Thomas Rhett On Gifts From Fans

Published On July 10, 2015 | By Cheryl Johnstone | Country Music News

Thomas Rhett says he has the best fans in the world. The singer says he’s always amazed by how the fans show up for him night after night, and they’re usually not empty-handed.

“It really is amazing to see people come through and they’re giving me gifts for my dogs. I mean, they literally come through and give me dog treats or they’ll make some kind of collage of them that they’ve taken with my wife. I mean, my wife should have her own fan club, by the way. It’s amazing to see the dedication definitely grow over the past four years going from playing clubs to 50 people to going and playing theaters to three thousand. I mean, just in four years to see how big the fan club has gotten for me and how crazy people are about the music and learning the new songs and coming to the concert just ready to rock. It’s overwhelming, to tell you the truth, to see the transformation of just what four years can do in a career when you’ve had hits and done what you’ve done.”

Thomas has yet another hit to his credit with “Crash And Burn,” the debut single from his upcoming album, Tangled Up. The project is due out on September 25th.

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