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Published On April 29, 2015 | By Cheryl Johnstone | Country Music News

Lady Antebellum have been hard at work on the stage production, lighting, set list, rehearsals and more to treat their fans to an unforgettable experience when they kick off the North American leg of their Wheels Up 2015 tour later this week.

On Friday May 1st, fans in Lubbock, Texas will be the first to see the new show, and the band says the Wheels Up tour is their favorite for a number of reasons. Dave Haywood:

“I think this is our favorite. We’ve been talking a lot about this over the past few weeks rehearsing. I think this is our absolute Number One favorite tours – favorite production, favorite staging and lighting. But more than that, I just think we’re at a point now in our career to put together a set list that’s really all pretty much radio singles. And, that’s a real special moment for us. I mean, it’s fun to also have one or two kind of album cuts for a lot of the super fans and big fans out there. But, what’s great is to be at a point to have this many singles to pack into a show, and it’s a real, I think, special moment for that reason. And then also, this staging is just blowing us away. You know, we saw it and worked on it, designing it on the computer and on paper and ideas, and to see it here in person is amazing.”

The trio recently previewed the tour in front of an intimate crowd of media and staff, as well as for the label.

The Wheels Up tour will continue through the fall with Sam Hunt and Hunter Hayes.

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