Chris Young Loves Performing

Published On March 26, 2015 | By Cheryl Johnstone | Country Music News

Chris Young says that without a doubt there is one aspect of live performance that makes all the years of struggle worthwhile.

“Any artist that you ask and says that that’s not the coolest part of being on stage is when people are singing back to you or singing with you is nuts! They would have to be nuts not to say that’s not the coolest thing about performing, cause I literally have seen times, and not just me. I remember one time specifically Miranda (Lambert) got so into ‘House That Built Me’ that she physically could not sing it, was like in tears, and the crowd sang the entire second verse for her, and moments like that just send chills through you and fans have no idea how much that means to you as an artist.”

Chris has certainly experienced the crowd singing along to his latest hit, “Lonely Eyes,” which is the third single from Chris’ latest album, A.M.

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