Blake Shelton Gets Truck Stuck Teaching Gwen’s Son How to Drive

Published On January 4, 2018 | By Cordell Green | Country Music News, Daily Fix, Daily Scoop

Blake Shelton is turning Gwen Stefani’s kids into true country boys and teaching them to drive- and get stuck- in the country! Check out the  videos…

Gwen took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday, sharing a series of funny pics and videos of Shelton jokingly trying to teach her oldest son, 11-year-old Kingston, how to drive.

The first clip in the video is a closeup of a black pickup truck, stuck in the mud. “What happened?” Stefani asks, laughing. “What did you do?”

“I was teaching Kingston how to drive,” Shelton replies. “He just took off driving like a maniac into the middle of the frozen pond.”

But if you listen closely, you can hear Kingston in the background, denying it was his doing.

“I did not drive that in there,” he explains. “No, I didn’t.”

“Blake really wanted to go through the mud and then he got stuck?” Stefani asks of her prankster beau, who was clad in a full camouflage ensemble with a bright orange beanie.

“This ain’t the first one we blew through,” Shelton jokes.

After a brief pause in the video halfway through, Gwen shows how the the truck they were driving had to be towed out of the mud by another vehicle!

Then Blake and Kingston had some fun on the ice. 🙂


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