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Hard Candy Christmas

December 12, 2015

There are so many accomplishments associated with Dolly Parton, it’s impossible to list them all.  She has written over 3000 songs, she has 25 number one hits and eight Grammy Awards, and that’s her music career, she also is an accomplished actress, businesswoman and humanitarian.  She has remained “down to earth” through it all, and...

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Golden Gord

December 5, 2015

“If You Could Read My Mind”, “Sundown”, “Carefree Highway”, “Rainy Day People”, each of these was a number one hit, and each carries a story from a man who has been called, “a national treasure”, and “Canada’s greatest songwriter”.  Gordon Lightfoot puts some if himself into his songs either written from personal experience, or from moments...

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King of Country

November 28, 2015

He’s one of the most successful recording artists ever, with 60 number one hits, multiple Grammy Awards, and “Artist of the Decade”  from the Academy of Country Music.  George Strait took Country Music back to its roots, and the result speaks for itself.  He played in a Rock and Roll band during high school, but...

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Milsap Music

November 21, 2015

With six Grammy Awards and forty number one hits, Ronnie Milsap is a top Country Music performer.  Born with almost no vision, and abandoned by his mother, Milsap began life facing challenges most of us can hardly understand. His musical talent surfaced before he entered his teens with his mastering of the piano, and was...

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Oil Field Star

November 14, 2015

Mel McDaniel sang mostly, “happy songs”, saying there’s enough sadness in the world.  He found success in the north, in Alaska and the oil fields.  That experience helped him get a Nashville job as a demo singer and songwriter. His first hit was “Have a Dream on Me”.  He followed it up with, “Louisiana Saturday Night”...

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Just a Sin Away

November 7, 2015

One of the most successful duos in Country Music was a father and daughter. Royce and Jeannie Kendall placed a dozen singles in the top ten, including three number one hits.  Singing mostly cover versions, they drew inspiration from popular music including John Denver’s, “Leaving on a Jet Plane”, and “Two Divided by Love”, a...

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Singing Cowboy

October 31, 2015

“Honest, Brave and True”, sums up the image of Gene Autry.  His influence on Country Music goes right to its roots, and continues through popular culture in the world of entertainment.  He is the only person to be awarded stars in all five categories on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  The town of Gene Autry,...

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Sweet Dreams

October 24, 2015

Some people are able to pack a lot of living during a short life, and Patsy Cline would have to be included in that list. She was just 30 when she died in a plane crash, but the mark she left on Country Music is astounding.  Patsy was the first female solo artist to be...

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Act Naturally

October 10, 2015

At the age of 3, Alvis Owens announced to his family, that his name was “Buck”, after a donkey on their farm.  The name stuck with Owens for the rest of his life. Buck Owens had 21 number one hits, co-hosted, “Hee Haw” with Roy Clark, and toured the world with his distinctive Country sound....

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When you look at the list of top hits from T. G. Sheppard, you hear a polished professional sound.  Sheppard, who’s real name is William Browder, knew from an early age, the music business was for him.  He was so sure, he ran away from home and dropped out of high school at the age...

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