Dixie Chicks Back Together in Southern Ontario

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The multi-platinum trio of Maines, MacGuire and Emily Robison, who have recorded seven studio albums have not released any new music since 2006’s record “Taking the Long Way, and haven’t undertaken any tours since the worldwide “Accusations & Accidents” tour in support of the album.

The award-winning trio kicked off their highly anticipated North American tour in June 2016 and the Dixie Chicks have visited over 53 cities throughout the U.S and Canada during the past few months.

Since their first album, the music of the Dixie Chicks have stirred emotions in fans all of the world making them one of the biggest and most influential bands of our time.   They are one of a handful of acts with multiple albums achieving diamond status (sales over 10 million copies). Both “Wide Open Spaces” (1998) and “Fly” (1999) hit that stratospheric land mark – and through the years they have sold over 30 million albums worldwide and won thirteen Grammy Awards.  Their on stage reputation has helped them sell over 100 million concert tickets while outspoken songs like “Goodbye Earl” and “Not Ready to Make Nice” made it clear that this powerhouse trio played by nobody’s rules.  The Dixie Chicks have proven that they are a cultural force to be reckoned with becoming the biggest selling female band of all time in North America.

The country icons and their MMXVII tour – is the group’s first cross-American tour in ten year’s. Near the end of the 82 – show world tour had the benefit of a new president worthy of lead singer ‘Natalie Maines’ scorn but for the show in Hamilton, Natalie left it up to digital images that played behind the band during their performance.  Holding back wasn’t on the agenda, although Maines’ bold statements came in the form of readily available tweets, which were shown on the side screen during change over urging the audience to pursue her timeline at their own leisure!

The Texas trio backed by a solid five-piece band, stuck to the music delivering a high impact, entertaining two-hour performance with brief moments of defiance despite the vacation from the stage.

The remainder of the Dixie Chicks concert absorbed the feel of a real rock party atmosphere featuring their liveliest hits, as fans were on their feet and cheering throughout, even the quieter moments provided by songs such as “Easy Silence.”  Harmony-heavy “Long Time Gone” opened the night followed by the rough, quick paced up-tempo “Lubbock or Leave It” expressive cover of Patty Griffins “Truth No 2.”

Maines’  feisty focal point of the group proved that she can still deliver it best with “Some Days You Gotta Dance” and “Long Way Around.”  Fiddle player MacGuire and multi-instrumentalist Robison electrified both as complementary players and individual virtuosos. As always the harmonious sounds were spot on and impeccable.

On the spiritlessly humorous revenge epic of “Goodbye Earl,” for example, tightly edited images of strong movie heroins and pioneered women appeared on screen. A  banner of O.J. Simpson’s notorious trial plus a caricature of Donald Trump in a devilish horns and beard flew by.


The continued number of cover versions that the Dixie Chicks made their own and put a stamp on it, from Bob Dylan’s “Mississippi”, and an acoustic take on “Daddy Lessons” by Beyoncé, Thunderclap Newman’s still relevant 1969 song, “Something in the Air” and Griffin’s “Don’t Let Me Die in Florida” and of course, they played their smash hit cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.”

There was a very special tribute song that the band added to the Hamilton set list, “Nothing Compares to U” an emotional song delivered with much love by Natalie for the late great “Prince” who died almost a year ago when the band set out on this tour.

For the finale, the group closed the encore with the rebellious “Not Ready to Make Nice” and” Better Way” (Ben Harper cover) with power that the band is known for and even though it was tamed down in comparison to many of their other shows with regards to politics, you got the message clear enough.

Written by Kim Cyr    http://NOWandTHENMagazine.com


Set List for Hamilton FirstOntario Centre April 17th, 2017

  1. The Long Way Around
  2. Lubbock or Leave It
  3. Truth #2 (Patty Griffin cover)
  4. Easy Silence
  5. Some Days You Gotta Dance
  6. Long Time Gone
  7. Something in the Air (Thunderclap Newman cover)
  8. Top of the World (Patty Griffin cover)
  9. Goodbye Earl

(followed by set and costume change)

  1. Nothing Compares to U (Tribute to Prince)
  2. Travelin’ Soldier (Bruce Robison cover)
  3. Don’t Let Me Die in Florida (Patty Griffin cover)
  4. Daddy Lessons (Beyoncé cover) Play here
  5. White Trash Wedding Play here

(followed by band introductions)

Bluegrass Instrumental

(concurrent with set change)

  1. Ready to Run Play here
  2. Mississippi (Bob Dylan cover) Play here
  3. Landslide (Fleetwood Mac cover) Play here
  4. Cowboy Take Me Away Play here
  5. Wide Open Spaces
  6. Sin Wagon


  1. Not Ready to Make Nice
  2. Better Way (Ben Harper cover)






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