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Trail Blazer

April 13, 2019

William was attracted to the music business since his childhood, and was singing professionally before his teens.  He sang in nightclubs, on radio, and at talent shows throughout the south. He brought his Honky-Tonk sound to popularity and became a huge star during the 1950s.  He was one of very few who could have been...

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Steve began learning guitar when he was 11, and soon after set his sights on a career in music.  His idol was Townes Van Zandt, and at the age of 14, he ran away from home to search for him.  Steve caught up with Van Zandt two years later in Houston, Texas. Steve’s first album...

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Bracebridge Born

March 30, 2019

Deric moved to Nashville twenty five years ago to pursue a career in Country music.  It has worked out well because he has gone on to be an accomplished performer and songwriter. In addition to winning the CCMA Songwriter of the Year in 2007, and again in 2014, he has several nominations to his credit....

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The Western Swing Authority stopped by the station for an impromptu jam session in the CKNX AM Studio...

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March 23, 2019

His career is an open book.  He had all the ups and downs a performer could have, and he always faced them.  He was called, ‘No Show Jones’, for a large portion of this life.  The label was earned for his reputation as a heavy drinker, and a sometimes unreliable performer. But that is only...

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If you have a smart speaker, you can easily listen to CKNX AM920 anytime you like, by saying the following: “Hey Google – Play CKNX AM920” And on Amazon it’s: “Alexa – Play CKNX AM920” It’s easier than ever to listen to your favourite radio station on your smart speaker....

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A Gift from a Friend

March 16, 2019

Two musically talented sisters, and two of their friends,  formed a band in Texas in 1989.  They were playing mostly Bluegrass, and Country music.  They played festivals and small venues for six years without attracting a record deal. In 1990, a friend gave them ten thousand dollars to record an album, and things began to...

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Alberta Country

March 9, 2019

He was raised near Cochrane, Alberta on a cattle ranch, and Country music has been part of his soul, and his life. His debut single, ‘Angelina’ was a top ten hit, and since then has released dozens of recordings, all with George’s special feel for the land, and the people he grew up with. He...

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Country Outlaw

March 2, 2019

He was eight years old when his mom taught him to play, “Thirty Pieces of Silver”, on a borrowed guitar.  He eventually bought a used guitar, and young Waylon continued to hone his skills. In grade ten, he dropped out of high school and worked odd jobs, but his heart was in Country Music. He...

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Traditional and Main Stream

February 23, 2019

As a teenager, he listened to Gospel music, and not much else, until a friend introduced him to Gene Watson, John Anderson and Hank Williams Jr. Alan was hooked.  He started a band after high school, then at 27, he and his wife Denise moved to Nashville where he hoped to be in music, full...

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